The Sultan of Yogyakarta

The sultan of Yogyakarta played an important part in the Indonesian liberation movement. The government of Indonesia escaped to Yogya when the capital Batavia/Jakarata became too dangerous for them. In December 1948 Dutch Troops captured the city of Yogyakarta and took the Indonesian leaders Sukarno and Hatta, prisoner, expelling them to an Island off the Sumatran coast. Their imprisonment was to last untill May 1949.
On 19th December 1949 the Sultan openen his palace for the newly established Universitas Gadjah Mada, modeled on the University of Leiden established after the liberation of Leiden in the 16th century.
The Sultan had studied at Leiden University. He went to school in my home town of Haarlem. Guest author Berend ter Borg, a former student of the same Haarlem gymnasium, gives his story of what the Sultan might have experienced.
Sixty five years later I visited Yogyakarta to present the website I initiated It was made in cooperation with Indonesian Muslims and Christians.
What a charming and cooperative people!
The themes chosen by the intellectuals in Yogyakarta were gender issues and common values, including tolerance, and environment