3. Childhood in the Dutch East Indies

Once through the Suez Canal the passenger ships were safe to sail on through the Indian Ocean to the harbour of Batavia, Tanjung Priok. There Bart would be, exuberantly waiting on the quay for his bride.
Would he take her for a short honeymoon to the famous Hotel des Indes in Batavia? Or go a little further to the cool higher Buitenzorg, where the Governor General lived, to give Melie a chance to get used to the hot climate. After the honeymoon the couple sailed to Soerabaja, a hot and noisy city. Having always longed for an ordinary household, Amelia received an extraordinary one. From one day to the next she was promoted from a servile role of nurse/nanny to the head of a household with many servants. Djongos, men, and Baboes, women, for every conceivable task.
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