2. Orphans Neervoort & Schlahmilch

Bart Neervoort met his future wife, Amelia Schlahmilch, in an orphanage.....In May 1901, the mother of the family, Sophia died at the age of 43, due to intestinal problems that were incurable in those days. Half a year later, in 1901, Frederick also died, at the age of 48 of grief, intensified by the depressive gene which, as it turned out later, was present in the Schlahmilch family. Heartbroken, he was convinced that he could only be a burden to his children. Having arranged for his daughters to be brought up - in pairs of two - by two aunts, he may possibly have taken his own life. Suicide was a taboo in those days; even the church did not allow a proper burial if the cause of death became known.
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