12. Inspiration and Literature

Two books by friends on the same period. Miek Denekamp MJN VADER VOOR MIJ . Miek writes about her father who, after being interned as prisoner of war in Nazi Germany, served as a conscript in Java, a company commander in the second 'Politionale Actie'. Thanks to Miek for her editing and research suggestions.
Jet Smalbraak LIEVE ALLEMAAL op zoek naar mijn ouders in hun Indische Jaren. Jet's parents were able as missionary docters to escape Japanese interment, but were finally imprisoned and experienced the Bersiap and start of the Dutch-Indonesian war in the Medan area, where my parents served with the KNIL.
Our parents, our fathers never talked about this traumatic period in their lives. Jet and Miek belong with me to the Dutch generation whose fathers remained, as the singer Bouwdewijn de Groot sang 'Achter Glas' behind glass as a photograph that never speaks. Boudewijn lost his mother in the Tjideng camp when he was a todler.

Two books I was able to borrow from my uncle Andre Spoor, nephew of General Spoor.
M. Spoor-Dijkema, Achteraf Kakelen de Kippen, Herinneringen aan Generaal KNIL S. H. Spoor ( author is third wife of General Spoor.)
J. de Moor, Generaal Spoor,Triomf en tragiek van een legercommandantL. Huizinga,
Zes Kaarsen voor Indie
which I received from his daughter. The journalist Huizinga interviewd military commander Spoor.
C. O. Kelly, The Flamboyant Tree
Shirley Fenton Huie, The Forgotten Ones, given me by my cousoin Ronnie who had received it from her father Broer Neervoort. Some of his schoolmates had been in the camps.
Boudewijn van Oort, Tjideng Reunion
H. Th. Bussermaker Bersiap, Opstand in het Paradijs
H. Schulte Noordholt, Brieven van O. Schulte Nordholt-Zielhuis
A. P. de Graaff, Indië bepaalde ons Leven
H. Burgers, de Garoeda en de Ooievaar
H.W. van den Doel, Afscheid van Indie